Strength Training and Muscle Gains

Strength TrainingAs you work your way towards losing weight and proper muscle gains, there are some important things to keep in mind which is important for you overall health. The first is that you should pay close attention to what your body is telling you. Once you have reached failure, you need to give your muscles a few days to repair before lifting again. When you try lifting again after a challenging workout and you are in pain, your body is telling you that you did not allow enough recovery time. Should that happen, do not worry! If you keep with it, you will find that your muscles become more efficient at repairing themselves. Soon, recovery will take less time, and you will be in less pain.

Be sure to do a light warm-up before your strength training session. This could be anything from ten minutes of jogging on the treadmill to some jumping jacks. Warming up is just what it sounds like. Your muscles will heat up and, consequently, loosen up. Follow a light warm-up with some stretching to keep you flexible. Warm-ups and stretching combined drastically reduce the risk of strain and also give you a better range of movement which will come in handy for keeping the correct form as you lift.

Ease into the actual lifting. As you begin, the most important things to have down are proper breathing techniques and using the right form. To breathe while you lift, you should inhale during the extension and exhale as your muscles contract. Breathing right will help push you through the tough spots. Inhaling takes place during the less intense portion of the rep allowing you some time to regroup. Pushing out breath while you contract your muscle gives you the experience of a full-body exertion in that all of your movement is focused in the same direction.

Take time to watch experts on video or at the gym to learn the proper technique and form. If you are serious about strength training, a personal trainer can be a huge advantage in the beginning. If you start with a good foundation, the better off you will be in the future. In general, you should be able to complete any repetition using slow, deliberate movement. For instance, you should never have to break your form to lift. If you find yourself hoisting the weight to gain momentum and dropping it instead of slowly lowering it, you need to decrease your resistance. In good time, you will be increasing your resistance instead!

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